TCI - Technology Concepts, Inc.

MDA Support Contract

TCI provides systems engineering and technical support to the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) Test Operations Training, Standardization, and Certification department. As a subcontractor to Cobham (Sparta), TCI supports MDA in training and certifying BMDS test event key leaders and console operators, and by developing test policies and procedures.

  • Training and Certification
    • Curriculum Development
    • Baseline Talent and Experience Levels of MDA Personnel
    • Develop Courseware, Lesson Plans, Study Guides, and Tests
    • Establish Certification Levels for Personnel
    • Administer Training Modules
    • Organizes and Maintains Course Catalogs
    • Delivered Level I through Level IV Training Courses for More Than 500 Students
  • Policies and Procedures
    • Support the MDA Standardization and Certification Effort
    • Develop Standardized Span-of-Control, Generic Test Schedule, and Test Execution CONOPS
  • Test Analysis and Reporting
  • Budget Planning and Execution